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Community Assistance Trust Program

The Community Assistance Trust Program (CAT) assists our most vulnerable citizens with eyeglasses, utilities, home heating, rent, baby safety items, emergency dental and Northern Health Travel Grants.

The CAT Coordinator ensures that all other avenues have been pursued prior to providing assistance; clearly those who receive assistance from CAT have no where else to go. CAT is the last resort for the working poor. We are a caring community and without having programs such as CAT, individuals in need could become more depressed and frustrated trying to find supports. A consequence of this work is the identification of gaps in service in the community.

To view the One-Time Financial Support Criteria Items - click here! (PDF Format)

Information & Referral

The CAT Information & Referral Coordinator refers people to other services in our community where appropriate and has made significant progress in establishing CAT as the single entry point for social services in Sault Ste. Marie. CAT refers people for counseling, education, recreation, life skills, clothing, assistive devices, furniture and housing.

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