Volunteer SSM

Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities

A Volunteer has the right to:

  • Be properly interviewed, selected and be provided with a position description;
  • Be provided with information on the organization’s mission, policies, structures and funding;
  • Be assigned tasks and duties that are worthwhile and challenging, with the freedom to use existing skills and to develop new ones;
  • Be provided with proper orientation and ongoing training;
  • Receive sound guidance and direction from someone who is experienced, willing and who has the time to invest;
  • Be treated with dignity and respect as a co-worker;
  • Have a chance to offer suggestions and to be heard;
  • Have personal information kept confidential;
  • Be provided with regular feedback and evaluation of her/his performance;
  • Work in a safe environment and refuse any task that she/he feels unsafe;
  • Be covered by organizational insurance while preforming volunteer duties;
  • To be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses where appropriate
  • Be appropriately recognized for a job well done

A Volunteer has the responsibility to:

  • Accept a volunteer position that she/he believes in and that will meet her/his interest and available time;
  • Ensure she/he understands the organization’s policies, structures and mission;
  • Act with professionalism, respect and integrity when dealing with individuals and agencies;
  • Acknowledge the need for training and evaluation by participating fully in each process;
  • Accept advice and direction from the supervisor;
  • Work as a member of the team;
  • Share ideas, enthusiasm, feedback and suggestions;
  • Respect and uphold confidentiality;
  • Inform the supervisor promptly if she/he cannot come to volunteer;

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